December 9, 2023

Buy Upholstery Fabric & Sofa Fabric Online in India

Are you currently seated? If the answer is a YES, there are great chances that it is on some upholstered furniture...

Are you currently seated? If the answer is a YES, there are great chances that it is on some upholstered furniture. Most of our hours while working as well as sleeping are spent on these comfortable furnishings, which range from dining chairs to sofas. 

More goes into upholstery than just picking the proper cloth. From working artistically to produce and design luxury sofa fabric and furniture of the highest calibre, to cutting expenses and enhancing our services is our main objective here at AARTEX. The process of making furniture by physically packing seats and other items into frames with padding, cushions, foam, or webbing and then covering it along with upholstery fabric is known as upholstery. This kind of work is quite specialised and requires an expert.

Although it’s simple to get upholstery fabric, choosing the best fabric for particular furniture can sometimes be a matter of guesswork. Upholstery fabric can indeed be made of a single fibre or a combination of many. Everything relies on the style and design you choose for your upholstery. Many upholstery stores sell their own fabric while others need you to bring your own fabrics. One can easily buy yardage fabric at a neighbourhood fabric shop or even online at Etsy. Depending on the sort of piece and its location, upholstered furniture is used to varied degrees. No matter where upholstery is utilised in any home, it’s critical that the fabric withstands normal wear and tear. For instance, sofas, recliners, and ottomans in guestrooms or more formal settings that only see modest use will be good with less robust upholstery fabric.



Some pinpoints to keep in mind while purchasing the Upholstery Fabric!

While purchasing upholstery fabric one should always remember to buy natural fibres, and ensure that neither chemicals nor fire retardants were used during its production. Also it’s important to inquire about the fabric that wherever it has been made fairly tight chemical regulations have been followed. Also the person can easily approach to their upholsterer to let you know whether a particular fabric is appropriate for a particular use, such as whether a fabric one adores might not work for a chair.




Aartex’s ulterior motive is to beautify each and every home. Aartex are among the top producers of furniture in India, and they have their own weaving, knitting, embroidery, sofa fabric and digital printing facilities to produce unique and contemporary designs for all of our esteemed customers. Aartex understands and meets all of their prestigious clients’ home furnishings-related requirements because of their more than 30 years of business experience, down to the smallest details which may only be visible to the keen eyes. We have something for everyone. From the extravagant people to the old school romantics to the pure classics, a range of fabrics that have a resistance to wrinkling, fading and piling. 

Aartex furnishings is the most sought-after brand for upholstery because of its vast online collection of upholstery fabric that comes in a variety of features, styles, and colours. Aartex has everything you need to satisfy your search for the best sofa fabric covers online, including timeless solids, luxurious textures, cutting-edge digital designs, energising florals, traditional damask, modern geometrics, and many more designer upholstery fabric. Aartex offers countless variations of plains in any tints and colours you can think of.


We at Aartex have in store for you some of the latest and the most beautiful collections of designer upholstery fabric. AURUS, BEATLES, CABANA, BIBER, CARNATIC, TESLA, SATYA, TAKEDA, TOREX, META, JUNGLE CRUISE, etc. are some of our most famous and unique luxury sofa fabric collection designs. From an aesthetic perspective, the right upholstery add an extra charm, elegance and approachability to a particular space and that is something what we here at Aartex love doing for you. We bring together pieces that are chemical free, with proper joinery, can withstand a little wear and tear and most importantly are antiques at your HOME.

Aartex are differentiating themselves from the competition so that no one will mistake them for uncompetitive nerds in the furniture industry by using artistic talent to develop and create furniture of the highest calibre to cutting expenses and enhancing our offerings and an option to make your furniture more attractive and unique by adding your own touches to ensure that every time you touch or feel it, you’ll fall in love.To simplify things , if you want it, we can provide it. Time and time again, these collections have already been establishing industry best practices. You must see them to appreciate them. Therefore, don’t merely envision designer upholstery fabrics but bring it to life only with Aartex furnishings. 

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